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Its Friday night again, if you have been reading my blog, you know why I said so.

Well, had an extremely stressful week than I thought it would be. It was so relaxing to finally finish the midterm the class part at least. There is a ton of other stuff to get done but still, kinda feel relief.

Getting back to the point, even though its Friday night tonight, I am not hating as much. I had things planned what I needed to get done. However, seeing light out till 7.30pm, I thought 'Oh I should have come to see you' instead. But again, I am going to see you tomorrow so I am happy.

I had my supper at 6pm, now I am hungry however. After listening to songs and dancing for a bit, around 7.30pm, I decided to head to gym. Ran, walked, did weights, used the machine as usual. It felt good, came back to my apt. Listened to my sister's voice mail, made me laugh. We then talked for a while she was cooking. After everything, finally I started working on my Resume. Got a reply to my text finally, but I was sad to read the reply. So, I decided to say nothing and stay quiet. But, it felt good to received 4-5 text message in a row. And I finally replied to the last one.

Now, I am feeling sleepy while typing this entry. I have thought about some plans tomorrow, lets see what happens. I need to go to gym in the morning, get to DMV for Registration Tab, then go to mall for few minutes, pay a visit to VS. Also think what to get to cook, I can't think of anything right now though.

I guess I should stop this entry right here, nothing is coming to my mind, I am typing words, words that do not make sense. So, this is it for tonight.......

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