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March 5th to, to Sunday today...

Nothing went as I had planned, except the get together last night. Friday the appt made me a little sad, however I have a positive feeling that its just a scar and nothing else. I was so sad that I didn't get anything done on Friday evening. I just slept.

Slept till 8.30am on Saturday, then went to gym which was almost after two weeks, and had a good workout, felt good. In the day time, I couldn't study at all. I was reading and searching for information for HW-4 to Query in API using PHP and XML Parsing. I didn't get anything done for the whole day. At around 9pm, friends came, ate, drank, talked, made jokes, discussed everything, had a good time, which was after a really long time.

Now, today is Sunday, we had plans. Because studies were not done, plan was canceled. I was a little sad but again, assignments needs to be done. After paying thousand of $, we should be focusing on school work. I got a little bit of studies done, which is good. Talked to mom dad, brothers and sister. Whole day is done, almost 8pm, and in few hours will be in bed, hoping for a great night sleep.

And get up with a fresh mind, to have a productive and great week, hopefully less stressful one. And as always chanta lumanka chonaa, nhacha hey wa dhagu kha sa, waygu kha ni, dayka and nakaa: bigu kha. Aa chyon syakka, neypi tyakka, yakacha chheyn, chonaa choni maala makhula, mayaa hey won jita...

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