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Spring is here, weather is so nice out, but guess what I am doing.

Supposed to be a Spring Break week in the school, but the irony is, I have so much school work to do and all are due next week Tuesday and Wednesday. On top of that, I have my own things to take care. How fun?

Comparing all the Spring Break starting from my Undergraduate to Graduate time, this is by far the most stressful Spring Break I have experienced. So, much work to do get done and so many hours have been spent but work is not done. Its not done because the stuff that I am working on, is new to me. And I am just now so tired of it. I thought at least EC2 homework was going well.

But surprise surprise, Part 2 video was missing so I really can't figure out how to upload my files now. I sent email to my instructor but he is not responding. I am waiting, and trying to work on midterm for the same class. And I still haven't got a single minute to work on its Project work yet. I have started to feel embarrass now that two of them worked on it their part. And I am still so behind.

This is enough, time to get focus....

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