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Sunday afternoon, its 58' Fahrenheit out and I can't enjoy the weather.

While reading tutorial on AJAX, I opened Firefox. On the homepage, I noticed today's image in the Google search page. Thought it was interesting and posting the picture down below.


I wish, we didn't have mid-terms or homework. We could have gone out and enjoyed the weather. Aley megu athhey kha...

@4:11pm, temperature is at 61' Fah
Finally got the car wash done, now me and my car are happy. Its shining, only if I had more time, it would be shining inside too. I am getting excited, finally winter/snow is over and spring is here. With the temperature rising up, so many things to look forward to. Aaa chai jita chha naapa laye, taskan hey masti wola..

Other than the weather outside, another very good thing about today, is that I got to see you. Aa gabaley jaanch sirai aley chanta naapalai. So lisay soye magaa, naapa la lisay, naapa laye magaa:...

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