April 30, 2010

Life is so unpredictable.Did I not know it already? Of course,I do.

But at times,things that happen and things people say,just make you feel so worthless. Not in my dreams, I thought that's how it would turn out to be but unfortunately it did.So close but yet so far away.My question was answered in so much hesitance,'I don't think so'.So, I simply said,'that's ok'.After wards,I just kept a distance and saying nothing but staying quiet.

Finally,after hours,got closer and that was it.Entire time,it was in my mind. After that whatever I wanted to ask, kept coming to my mind. I even said,I've to tell you something,but again I said,'not sure if its worth mentioning'. I was sad deep down inside but I was able control myself.If only,I was alone,I might have burst out in tears may be.

Nhacha suthey la, 'khobi' pya: wola, control hey yaye mafuta. But its all good. As long as my family, mom,dad,brother and sister are there with me,I will be happy. That's why people say, there is no one like your family. They will always love and care for you, no matter what.

To be continued...

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April 27, 2010

Internetworking Architecture and Implementation class is finished early today.

Professor Tran let us go early today because its so nice out. But, guess what am I doing. I am in the same classroom, sitting and searching in the net for help on Ruby on Rails. I have the homework due tomorrow and still searching for help online.

This sounds crazy but its the truth. I've never been in situation like this before. This is scary, very scary and stressful with no doubt. Professor keeps asking me hows the class, are you learning? I keep telling him the same thing over and over, yes I am learning but this is not my field or something I do in day to day life. Its hard for me, but I am trying my best. I am learning enjoying too but its just hard for me. He says, you will do fine, make sure read notes, book and do case studies properly.But, 'you will do fine' makes you feel little relief but again what if, or I don't know how the final is going to look like.

Scariest feeling ever. When I tell people, I am graduating this semester, there are few who keeps telling me, 'You are lucky'. I ask myself lucky and me, I want to tell those who say 'You are lucky', you have no clue how much stress I am under. Be on my shoes for a moment or a day, you will know and feel really really lucky.

This is my story about my last semester taking classes, with risk and risk. I am positive that both classes will go fine, but again there is a little bit of 'what if' keeps coming to my mind. It does put me under a lot of pressure and stress but hey 3 weeks more, I will be done. Scary as it is.....

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April 25, 2010

Hachiko : A Dog's Story starring 'Richard Gere', wanting to watch and finally did.

It was nice but yet a sad movie. Tears fell off my eyes. And it was sweet of you to find the movie for me. Here is the imdb link, if anyone of you interested.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1028532/ Hachi.jpg

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April 18, 2010

If you are one of those who has back pain, you will understand my pain.

I always write about my back pain, for a change I am writing about someone's back pain today. I received a message from him this morning saying, "I am having a really bad backache". During the day, it got a little better I thought. I didn't think how bad it was until I went to see him. He couldn't lean or sit straight properly. I could feel the pain, because I have been suffering from it for a while now.

Icy hot patch, seemed to make him feel little better, but again after like an hour, it hurt. Chanta syaagu khana, taska:n maaya wo:n. Chanta towta waygu nuga: na mabyugu, tara wayhey maaala. Chachii, chanta gey chho ji dhaka mati yana chona, hopefully its better now.

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April 16, 2010

My frustration towards the OISS staff in UST.

I filled up the form for Invitation letter for graduation beginning of April 2010. It had 2 options, either to pick up the letter or get it delivered to your home address after its ready. Because I don't go to school everyday and can't make it to school around their Business hours, I chose option 2 which is to mail it to my address.

So, after a week, I received an email to verify if I had filled up the form for letters, I replied to them saying yes. I then called them in few days to ask if the letters were done. The lady I talked to said 'Not yet'.. When I told her to mail it after its done, she says, we can't. So, I said, 'Your website had the option for it, if you can't do it why is that option even there in the first place'. She talked to Deb who is another ...so after that she tells me yes we can, but its going to be a regular mail. I said okay.

About 2 hours later, I got an email from someone who says, 'You have missed the DOBs'. When I read that email, I was like you must be kidding me. Why in the world do you need someone's DOB in a letter like that? I replied to them, why would you need DOBs? I have never heard anyone asking for DOB in such type of letter. Their reply, it would help when applying for Visa, that way letter's DOB matches the passport. For god's sake, dammit, this is not the first time, I am doing this. I know way more things than you know how things work. So their next reply was, 'okay as you wish'. And the letter actually was supposed to be mailed last Friday.

The best part is here which is today.....
Its a week now, I haven't received the letters, I emailed them asking whether its been mailed or not. To my surprise, I get a reply, 'Sorry to hear that you have not received your letters yet! Your letters were made and mailed the same day to the address we have on file. You may want to send me your address if different from the Duluth one and I can reprint the letters and re-mail them to you.'

Oh common, you must be kidding me, I live in cities, I filled up the form with the cities address, and also I verified with the staff my current address. What a mess? I am super mad, I called the person, apparently, is in the meeting. Now when that person gets out, I am gonna give it to him. Man, how in the world, can you work in a position when you can't get a tiny stuff done? Dammit, dumb-ass...

To be continued....

Finally that guy calls me back, and I gave it to him, not as much as I thought I would because I wasn't mad at all anymore. But he made excuses this and that. Once again dumb-ass...

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April 11, 2010

What has my life turn into?

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April 10, 2010

Feels a little better after relaxing my mind with 'Duplicity' a 2009 released movie.

I have been extremely stressed out with work, school and everything else. After two days in a row of classes, I had to relax a bit that's when I found this movie on HBO. I was doing other stuff while watching the movie. Basically I watched bits and pieces of the movie and missed out the fun.

However, today Saturday, I have not been feeling good. Since I had been thinking something from few days and I have had headache too. While eating lunch, I decided to watch the movie. This time for real, I watched the movie from the beginning to the end. I thought it was an interesting movie. The best part on the end was the Soundtrack. As soon as I heard, I had to go find the song. I found and listened to it on youtube.

Here is the link, if anyone is interested, and if you want to watch this movie, I highly recommend watching it. It goes under Genre : Romance | Thriller. I think Clive Owen and Julia Robert looked good together in this movie.


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Lakers game in Target Center April 9th, 2010...

I was thinking to watch the game on TV or even had thought about skipping it. But couple of ended up ended up going to Target Center. Thursday afternoon is when I found out, we got tickets. Kobe wasn't there but, Lakers played the first half, but the second half specially the 3rd Quarter is when they played bad. It was all worth it at last since Lakers won.

Go Lakers, however they have to work harder. They can't rest and let others score. Game wasn't the best, but it was a good Friday evening out.

Copy of IMG_0538.jpg

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April 7, 2010

Frustration, disappointment and not being able to do...

I have been working on this thing from a week. Seems like everyone else got it but me. I have reached to the point that I want to call it QUIT, but I can't do it either. I am sick and tired of it. But, its not clicking on my head, I mean I know how it I should make it work, logic but I can't make it work.

I am so frustrated, disappointed at myself that I don't know what I should do. Spending time is not helping, researching not helping, this is just extremely frustrating......

Knowing that I might be the only one didn't get this, feels even worse. I hate this, how much more frustration left.

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April 5, 2010

Friendship, is a bond that shouldn't be breakable.

Well, it might not be true always. At times, things happen, and friendship breaks,but here is a different story. The 8 year old friendship, is turning a point, where it shouldn't. The similar thoughts,habits,interests, hobbies, nothing seem to matter anymore. The way its going is scary.....

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April 4, 2010

It Sunday night 11:30pm, gonna be Monday in the next half hour.

I do not want it to be Monday, but its going to be we all know. Clock has to tick, time has to move and life has to go on. But, all I know is I am not ready for work yet. I need few more days off so I can relax, get lazy 'cha naapa'. Last week, I worked 3 days and had 4 days off including Saturday Sunday. Now I just wish, it wasn't Monday yet. Because its not just work, I also have to attend classes.

I don't mind doing homework, project and studies but I don't want to attend classes either. But whether I want to or not, I have to. Uff...

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April 3, 2010

In Merriam-Webster.com,Togetherness is described as a noun, meaning being 'with each other'.

It is an indescribable beautiful thing. You can never get tired of being with the one you want to be with. Now, if you a regular reader of my blog, you might be thinking, where is she going with this word? Why is she writing about it? Here is why, this is where it starts.

As I write off and on, about my sleeping problem, it came to my mind when I couldn't fall asleep on Thursday night. That's when the word 'Togetherness' came to my mind. Instead of trying to fall asleep, I started to think what my next entry is going to be about, and it happens to be this one.

I was sleepy, went to bed, but Surprise Surprise, I found myself wide awake for hours, and I started feeling lonely. Everyone in this part of the world, was sleeping and I was struggling to fall asleep. Even though was right there, still felt the distance and loneliness. I wanted a piece of paper to jot down my thoughts. But I didn't and now I don't exactly remember what I was thinking that very moment. Had I jotted down my words, this entry would have been interesting one, but I didn't and now whatever I am typing is not making sense and I am well aware of that.

Overall, I had a great few days. As I mentioned above, togetherness is wonderful. Being together is amazing, talking, walking in the Park, hanging out, eating together, sitting on a bench looking at fishing boats in the lake/river, enjoying the sunshine, and at times its great to sit quietly, saying nothing but....It makes you forget all your stress, assignments, problems but only reminds you how great is it to be together. Its inexpressible.

If only, we could just capture those precious moments, we could rewind and view them over and over, whenever we feel like, which I think would be great. And I am sure everyone will agree with me on that. I believe that's why cameras and pictures are made for. That's probably why people take pictures so they can remember the moments, (make memories as I say) , things they did, places they have been to and many more.

Well I should stop this entry right here, before it gets longer than it is already. I have assignments and studies to do, don't want 'you' readers to feel bored either. But I will try to write something interesting, mind blowing in my next entry.

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April 1, 2010

They call it a Fool's Day because its April 1st.

Here I am, on vacation and at this point waiting, and soon the wait will be over, probably in the next half hour or so. The fact that I did some work last night on school work, I feel little bit better.

I am very positive that, if I focus during this weekend, I should be be able to finish and will be good to go, fingers crossed.....

I overrated half hour, should have said 1 hour instead. Lets see. What just happened is thing I didn't want it to happen but it did. I feel bad but I can't help it.

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