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Feels a little better after relaxing my mind with 'Duplicity' a 2009 released movie.

I have been extremely stressed out with work, school and everything else. After two days in a row of classes, I had to relax a bit that's when I found this movie on HBO. I was doing other stuff while watching the movie. Basically I watched bits and pieces of the movie and missed out the fun.

However, today Saturday, I have not been feeling good. Since I had been thinking something from few days and I have had headache too. While eating lunch, I decided to watch the movie. This time for real, I watched the movie from the beginning to the end. I thought it was an interesting movie. The best part on the end was the Soundtrack. As soon as I heard, I had to go find the song. I found and listened to it on youtube.

Here is the link, if anyone is interested, and if you want to watch this movie, I highly recommend watching it. It goes under Genre : Romance | Thriller. I think Clive Owen and Julia Robert looked good together in this movie.



It was a bit complicated movie but i did like it... I'd watched dat movie back @ home.....

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