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If you are one of those who has back pain, you will understand my pain.

I always write about my back pain, for a change I am writing about someone's back pain today. I received a message from him this morning saying, "I am having a really bad backache". During the day, it got a little better I thought. I didn't think how bad it was until I went to see him. He couldn't lean or sit straight properly. I could feel the pain, because I have been suffering from it for a while now.

Icy hot patch, seemed to make him feel little better, but again after like an hour, it hurt. Chanta syaagu khana, taska:n maaya wo:n. Chanta towta waygu nuga: na mabyugu, tara wayhey maaala. Chachii, chanta gey chho ji dhaka mati yana chona, hopefully its better now.


Have you tried chiropractic? A lot of times it helps.

Yes,I have.The pain seemed to go way, but after a day, it was the same.

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