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Internetworking Architecture and Implementation class is finished early today.

Professor Tran let us go early today because its so nice out. But, guess what am I doing. I am in the same classroom, sitting and searching in the net for help on Ruby on Rails. I have the homework due tomorrow and still searching for help online.

This sounds crazy but its the truth. I've never been in situation like this before. This is scary, very scary and stressful with no doubt. Professor keeps asking me hows the class, are you learning? I keep telling him the same thing over and over, yes I am learning but this is not my field or something I do in day to day life. Its hard for me, but I am trying my best. I am learning enjoying too but its just hard for me. He says, you will do fine, make sure read notes, book and do case studies properly.But, 'you will do fine' makes you feel little relief but again what if, or I don't know how the final is going to look like.

Scariest feeling ever. When I tell people, I am graduating this semester, there are few who keeps telling me, 'You are lucky'. I ask myself lucky and me, I want to tell those who say 'You are lucky', you have no clue how much stress I am under. Be on my shoes for a moment or a day, you will know and feel really really lucky.

This is my story about my last semester taking classes, with risk and risk. I am positive that both classes will go fine, but again there is a little bit of 'what if' keeps coming to my mind. It does put me under a lot of pressure and stress but hey 3 weeks more, I will be done. Scary as it is.....


No matter wot family support is der for u.... And 3 weeks more dan u're b relieved.... So think of 3 wks later ... Breathe,,inhale exhale when u feel stressed.... Wot else can i say..u knw the world more than me...... Tc

networking architecture has evolved considerably as computing in general has evolved away from domination by centralized computing solutions to peer-based computing. Today, IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) routing involves two separate kinds of environments, although a number of key concepts are central to all SNA routing situations. This chapter addresses functions and services that make both SNA subarea routing and Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN) routing possible. Topics covered include session connections, transmission groups, explicit and virtual routes, and Class of Service (COS). Refer to Chapter 37, "IBM Systems Network Architecture Protocols," for general information about traditional IBM SNA and APPN. Figure 41-1 illustrates the concepts addressed in this chapter in the context of a traditional SNA environment.

Good post -- plus the how and how to not pitch. I'm embarrassed that a multitude of in my field just do not get it.

Thanks for sharing your scariest experience. I would like to know what happened at the end of those 3 weeks.

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