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Life is so unpredictable.Did I not know it already? Of course,I do.

But at times,things that happen and things people say,just make you feel so worthless. Not in my dreams, I thought that's how it would turn out to be but unfortunately it did.So close but yet so far away.My question was answered in so much hesitance,'I don't think so'.So, I simply said,'that's ok'.After wards,I just kept a distance and saying nothing but staying quiet.

Finally,after hours,got closer and that was it.Entire time,it was in my mind. After that whatever I wanted to ask, kept coming to my mind. I even said,I've to tell you something,but again I said,'not sure if its worth mentioning'. I was sad deep down inside but I was able control myself.If only,I was alone,I might have burst out in tears may be.

Nhacha suthey la, 'khobi' pya: wola, control hey yaye mafuta. But its all good. As long as my family, mom,dad,brother and sister are there with me,I will be happy. That's why people say, there is no one like your family. They will always love and care for you, no matter what.

To be continued...


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