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At 2:47am this morning, my phone rang. I picked up the call thinking it must be time to get up.

Unfortunately, it was too early to get up. It was Ren, she sounded different. Before I said anything she said, "Anjan Mommy manta;". I was speechless, I just said huh!! All I could tell her was, don't cry Ren, I wish you were there, but what can we do. This is the worst part when you reside out of the country. You can only wish some things, specially times like this.Dad had called her from the hospital to let her know that Bajema has passed away.

She kept crying over the phone, saying I was going to call her today. I couldn't see her in the last moment. After talking for few minutes, Ren hung up. I told her what she should do and shouldn't. I then was wide awake, thinking about bajema, it hit me after sometime and tears started falling. Remembered the things she had said and all other stuff. This is life, the way it started, after everything it has to stop too. All we can do is, drop tears when our loved ones are gone away from us.

This is the similar to when chheyn bajema passed away in 2005, couldn't do much, thought about her, and dropped tears, thinking couldn't be there to see her in her at the last moment...

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