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Reading Head First book, was listening to 'Norah Jones - sleepless nights', that's when I decided to login to uthink.

I didn't know what I was going to write about. I started typing and I ended up with this entry. I Miss everything about you. I think about all those moments,time spent together and brings smile on my face. Sometimes I miss it even more but then I look at you and smile again, at times it helps. Then again I think and smile and smile, hoping to get to see you soon. The more I see you, spend time with you, I want to see you more and spend more time.

Time flies by when we are together, wish I could hold the time by selecting a check box. But its an impossible task to do, except I can stop the clock/watch, but time will keep moving. Having you by my side makes me feel great, being by your side feels great. Do you feel the same? :)


uhum, uhum!!! tata na thajaagu romantic lines chway sah la? oh my gosh! achamma hey jula ka!

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