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I logged in thinking I will write something but I am not sure what I want to write about.

Other than, I feel down. At work also, didn't get much accomplished these two days, feels bad about it. I am working on the Head First book assignment, but do I have the motivation. Umm..may be a little but my mind and heart are asking for something that I am not sure what. Or may be I know what it is. I wish, I wish and I wish and stay with that hope.

Btw today, I picked up my gown, cap and tassel. I wore it on after I got home, felt good, I am done with grad school. Wow, now what is next, hehe.Wish mom dad were here but, bajema's being gone is more important. Oh well, anyway what am I writing.

Seriously I think I need to get away from here for few days. Checking tickets online too but where is the question. I wrote to a friend about CO, but haven't heard yet. Because I do not want to end up alone here, of course 'you' won't care.

Between I am posting a picture of Kobe from yesterday game with Phoenix, Score was W 128 - 107. I am looking forward to tomorrow's game, hope Lakers will play good like last night and will beat Phoenix Suns, Wohoo...


Good things man. I've been thinking very much about the creation in conversation conduits between vendors and consumers. In some ways i believe that blogs are too one-directional.

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