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Its bugging me again, I am sick and tired of this...

I was fine until a friend of mine asked me a question and 'bam', my head got completely messed up after that. All day at work, I was thinking about it, when I got home, I felt worse. But as soon as I reached home, one of my friends called me. Since we both are walking on Saturday in our Graduation, we both started talking about it and yes we are excited.

She was asking me how I was doing and all. That's when I told her how I was feeling. After talking to her, felt better. I went to gym, walked 3 miles as other two days, wanted to walk, until I fell but I couldn't do that either. Stayed in the gym for few minutes thinking about it, but it wouldn't go away. What to do? I hate when I feel this way, it keeps happening to me, but why me always? This is the question I always ask, but again lucky one happens to be 'me' always.

Sometimes I feel like...........

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