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Never ending week is how it feels like even though its Friday tomorrow.

Is it me or is it because ....? However, I want to work on Monday, I really want to get a lot done.

So, that's what I was thinking till Thursday. Things changed Thursday evening, something very pleasant happened, and I was happy, on top of that couldn't complaing after Lakers won the game. So, I was looking forward to Friday but not really about the weekend because I was going to be alone. I was thinking I might go crazy during this long weekend.

And I had a good time during Friday lunch. Guess why?? I am not writing. Anyways after work Friday, I started sitting in front of the computer as usual, didn't even head to gym. Waited, wait was never ending but, while having my dinner, decided to drink some wine. Then around 11pm, I went to bed. On Saturday, I did some shopping, bought a purse from JCPenny. Around 5.30pm, one of my friends came to pick me up to go to another fren's place for the party.

Oh it was so much fun, I can't wait for another one like that. Got home after midnight, did some texting, then fell asleep. Started Sunday morning with text, talked to my good old friend Atul over msn then did some laundry, ironed clothes, listened to New 96.3 NOW. Listened to Newari Program on Dallas Radio station hosted by my brother and one of the dai's. Later in the evening talked to my friend Sunny and my sister Nhasala. After wards, around 11:39pm, got a text, replied, then fell asleep after midnight.

Monday morning, got up so early, stayed in front of the computer, slept, again got up stayed in front of the computer. The day again started with a text, went to Macy's got a new rice cooker, glass sets and came home. In the afternoon also, there were few texts back and forth going on. It was fun. Then talked to a friend on the phone, its been so long we had talked, so that's all. And after that I am writing this entry.

Overall, I didn't go crazy, and I am happy about that. Woohoo, I was so worried about being alone for so many days but definitely having 96.3 helped me a lot too.

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