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Braces on Thursday June 24th and storm on Friday June 25th, which brought Storm in life.

I wish last Friday evening never came or at least that storm never came or may be he never went to the Gym. Now that's all is left to say. We can regret, look back and then again regret. I feel so sad about everything that happened, why did that Friday evening storm came and brought storm, I mean in our life.

I know how stressed it has put him into and I am feeling the same. I can imagine his stress level, but I am just glad that I was able to be there with him for some support. But, I wish there will be some magic, fix at least that beautiful Merc. I love that Merc, we have memories attached to it.

I say, everything happens for a reason, I however don't agree in this situation at all. And this is so not fair, its almost a brand new C300 Series, with another stress, this is just too much.Yet, I hope everything will be fine. Please help us.....


Why wot happened?any accident?tc both of u...

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