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My Friday morning experience, so far day is going fine, hopefully the rest of the day will be too, fingers crossed.

I knew I had to get up very early Friday morning to drop my friend to the Station. I woke up may be around 4.20 am. Made sure my friend is awake, got ready, took a small nap and headed to station 5.20 am.

It was pouring heavily, good that I didn't drive. Friend got off at Govt Plaza station, now it was my turn to take control of steering wheel. I didn't know how bad it was until this very moment. Even with GPS, I took a wrong turn. Next thing I know is, I see Hennepin, not knowing downtown streets, was a little worried, on top of that it was dark. I saw 'DejaVu' and so I knew 394 was right there.

Lanes were not clear, with the glasses it was hard and rain didn't make any easier. When I was merging the lane, with speed and heavy rain, unclear lane, I was scared, holding onto the steering tighter than I normally do.Bus was on the left, and cars were left and right, luckily there was not much traffic that helped.

And soon it was over, I took the 169N exit and was home in few minutes. Got home at 6am, got ready,came to work and by 6.52am, I was at work.

Updating this entry to write, my day went okay. The evening however went great. Getting to see you, was the best part of the day.

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