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I have been waiting for this day, and finally it came.

I wanted to do something on this special day. I thought about cooking something he likes. So, decided, I should cook momo, get an ice-cream cake, and stay home, eat, talk, spend time together.

Everything went as planned during the day time. Around 4ish, the weather looked bad, I was worried and at a point started to think, oh boy, this is not good. But, the thunderstorm, tornado, whatever got passed our area and by 6.30pm, it was all nice out. Around 7.15pm,he got here.

It started looking bad outside as it got late. It started raining very hard, and lasted at least over an hour. The temperature cooled down, and got nicer. Anyways, we had momo for dinner then at midnight we had the ice-cream. After wards, watched TV, talked, joked as usual, it was nice. Good time together....


It was his b'day ?if so wish 4m myside b'lated one.... Well stay happy as u're desd dys... Hav fun ...tc

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