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Once again, it was a great weekend with you.

I can't explain, how good it was, moments we spent together is precious and priceless. Hanging out with you is so amazing as I always say. Riding Go-Kart, sliding down the hill in the slide, standing in line on a hot humid afternoon, taking pictures making all sort of face, getting all sweaty, complaining about heat and everything were fun. And you were right, now when I look at those pictures, it brings smile on my face, and of course looking at you 'look so cute and sweet', sometimes feels like want to grab you out from the picture.

Hiking in that area full of devil mosquitoes, going on a boat ride, everything was good. But the only thing I missed is, there was no bench to sit like in Red Wing hehe. Regardless, eating, drinking, talking, hanging out, joking everything was nice. After wards, watching movie getting cozy with you was of course the best part, the feeling I can't explain.

Once again this is why 'togetherness' is one of the best things one could ask for...


May ur joy nd happines lst forever as it is @ prsnt... Hav tonz of fun

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