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One beautiful Wednesday afternoon, where sun was shining with cool breeze, a perfect weather to be out in a work day taking a half day off.

June 30th,2010 Twins Vs Detroit
Our first time in Ball Park 'Target Field' and also was the first time watching game together in a field. Twins won the game so it was worth getting tanner in the sun.

After the game was over, we spent entire afternoon in Downtown MSP, walking, talking, eating, joking and everything else. After walking for hours, we went and sat somewhere,where we took pictures, talked etc. After wards went home, made some salads, ate, and watched a movie, and had a 'special' dessert, the kind only we can make.

So, overall mid of the week was great, after all the moving, aches and pain of going up and down in the elevator with boxes and all stuff, it was so worth taking half a day off from work to go watch the game and of course the day was beautiful. My dark skin got darker but I won't complain after all the good times.

This is one of the examples of the togetherness....


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