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The worst part about last weekend was, you being sick.

Regardless, we spent a lot of time together and that was the best part. The weekend was great, we did different stuff together which was awesome.

Friday night movie and dinner and movie, Saturday hang out and then dinner, walk. After wards, Sunday farmers market, but you seriously made me worry about you, when you were not feeling well. But I am glad, I could be there for you. And of course, your sudden desire to eat momo at my place, made me feel good.

Of course then Monday came, we cooked dinner together, it was another good time together. Now we have to wait to Saturday late or Sunday early. I think this will give us time to get our stuff done. Its only Wednesday, including today almost 4 more days. Thinking about the number of days, I feel so many days left, but again when I think about seeing you, spending time together, makes me feel happy.

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