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There I was worried thinking, how the weekend is going to turn out.

Friday, after work, I decided to do some shopping for clothes and some more kitchen stuff. When I got back, it was almost 9.30pm, and I watched a bit of TV and then headed to bed.

I had to come up with something to do on Saturday, not that I don't have stuff to do but, I get lazy sometimes you know. Saturday, after shower, did laundry, ironed clothes, had my meals. In the evening, went to run/walk in treadmill. It was pretty good. After wards just went out to the Park to drop a friend, came home, ate, watched little bit TV and there it was late and went to bed.

Sunday however, talked to my sister early morning, then I got a call from him. I heard what I wasn't expecting but I decided to do stuff alone so that I wont feel lonely. I went for a run/walk, got fresh and then headed to Sams Club. Got some food came home, cooked while watching World Cup Final. At 4 listened to 'Jhigu Sa:'. After wards was the best part of the weekend. I went to see him, we went to the Park for walk, talked, joked, sat in the bench as usual, relaxing and fun. And that was the best part of my weekend. I love it, I just love it.

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