August 30, 2010

Happy thinking weekend was good, but sad thinking it is the last weekend, we could spend time together like this.

Friday night Salsa, after wards dinner with some wine. Then Saturday morning biking, movie at night with some snack and Martini Rossi. And Sunday morning Farmers Market, Sudoku in the afternoon after wards DSW for shoes and then dinner, movie with some red wine, moments spent and memories made, 'priceless'.

Three more days, and then again.....

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August 26, 2010

Whats going on, whats going to happen is a big Question?

You think about it and end up seeing a huge '?' I guess this is why its called life. Almost the end of the week, is it exciting or not. In a way, it is but again its not at the same time. Its Friday and get to see to and go to Salsa, but again this leaves us with 1 more week of spending time together without have to worrying about class, studies, paper, assignment, exams etc etc..

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August 23, 2010

Past weekend, I knew it was going to be great but was greater than I expected it would be.

Of course, there were things in my mind sometimes but we had a great weekend together. It was the most productive weekend ever together. However, I still have things to do though which I need to do this week. I am busy tomorrow night and Wednesday night as well so I have Thursday evening to finish my works. Friday night again I will be busy but Saturday I might be free all day so I have to finish doing my stuff.

Well, getting back to the point, the reason I started this entry is to write about my weekend, which was romantic, sweet, productive and many more.

I was excited about the weekend but had I known how it was going to be, may be I would've been more excited. But good I didn't know or say we didn't know. We both think it was the most productive weekend which needed to be marked in the calendar.

One of the best weekends we spent together. Hopefully we will have many more like this in the future. Friday evening Salsa, dinner and after wards again out. Saturday, early morning biking, shopping for sofa, lunch, looking for shoes in DSW, shopping in mall in different stores after wards so tired and sitting at home and cooking dinner. Having Martini Rossi with Toosi alu achaar, paapadi wo dalmot while watching TV, we will remember forever.

Sunday morning breakfast at Farmers market, grocery shopping, then shopping for light fixtures in Menards, going from one point to another in city looking for the one we liked. After walking for while, heals were hurting, however having lunch at home after that was priceless, Of course, you got your stuff done, I felt good about it. I had pleasure watching you finish your work. But I was thinking, I wish I could do my work too but oh well.

Sunday evening, at my place, you were busy putting up those light fixtures, with your hands and back aching, and me cooking dinner. Of course, lying down for a little bit, joking around, after dinner had a different relaxing feeling, once again priceless moments spent together.

And thinking entire weekend we spent together, feels good. We got so much stuff done. And I am very happy to see you happy.

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August 16, 2010

Now that I think about it, we had a good weekend.

Spending Thursday evening together and so the Friday evening. Had a good time during Salsa Friday evening. Who wont be happy and have good time, to be dancing with a good looking man when the man happens to be the one 'you want' and yours. Awww it was good. Salsa, dinner and after wards everything was memorable. And of course something you did brings smile on my face.

Saturday morning, biking in the afternoon, going out for dinner, roaming around different stores for light fixture, were kind of fun. It makes me laugh remembering how sleepy I was at that time. After wards reading paper feeling sleepy was relaxing haha...One memorable good weekend before classes start. From next week, will you have time for us again. Hoping to see you soon have spend some more quality time.

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August 15, 2010

August 14th, 2010 1st year Anniversary of my procedure "l. per m."

Thinking about where I was, how I was feeling.And a year from that, where I am and how I am feeling.Last year, it was a whole different kinda day and this year jt was different, great, greater than ever.

Having my brother and good friend by my side for support, help and many other people. Can't write details but its all on my head which will always remain as a memory. The pain, the joy of procedure going fine, the all sorts of feeling everything.

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August 11, 2010

If right words are used, person hearing it, will feel good. On the other hand, if wrong/unexpected words are spoken, then....

Well getting back to the point, of course whatever was said, was bothering, making the person sad etc as the person gets sad these days pretty easily. But, every time the person sees the other person, that person realizes how much the person wants the other person, needs the other person in this person's life.

Last night, when these two person were having dinner, having that other person right next to, made the person feel so good. The person couldn't stop looking and thinking about the other person even though that person was right next to, less than 1 foot apart.

Deep down inside, the person was so happy. The person however wishes, if only that wall between comes down, hopefully soon, would make it much much better.

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August 10, 2010

Never thought life would turn out the way it has now.

Never thought the way I am feeling is how I will feel some day but I do and its nothing like how I have thought it would be. And every time sad, lonely, depressing thoughts come, I start thinking about everything, mostly the stuff, that would make me think more, more than I ever want to.

One of the things I think about is, 'Why is there a huge wall between after everything?' Do I just feel this way? I wish I did, but the truth is the huge wall exists between. I am not sure why it exists, only if I get the clear answer would help but, silence is what I get mostly. Why is it taking time to go away? It bugs me when I think about it, takes days to get over and something happens comes back so quickly, even thought I don't want it to ever. I don't get answer and I end up with same question 'Why?'

After talking a little, I think me feeling down/depressed is little fading away. This is life and is it the quarter life crisis I am having, as J.Walter, one of my friends mentioned. But again when is the wall going away, is there a way to move that wall.

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August 9, 2010

Why am I feeling the way I am? Everything was fine and now again I feel this way.

Am I getting depressed? It happens so easily, I don't like this but keeps happening again and again. I was all fine and then bam something hit me and now I feel depressed, I don't know what is this, I don't know why this happens.

Things are bothering me, bothering me again and again, what am I gonna do to myself? Oh god, depression hit is what I am saying.

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August 8, 2010

Weekend weekend weekend, one more good weekend with you.

These days, every week, I find myself waiting for the weekend to come. Not because its a weekend and I have two days off but its because you don't have classes and I get to be with you.

This weekend however was special, because your finals were going to be over and we have couples of weeks before classes start and enjoy the summer together more. So, Saturday came, I was waiting for you to come pick me up. It was fun to have lunch together, its not the first time but you were so tired and hungry, seeing you relax after lunch was just priceless. You take my breath away.

It was fun looking for sofa, finally I like one and no color, that was bad. And of course today was a nice day. Grocery shopping in farmers market, making Wo, and eating Bhoye. Spending time together, talking, laughing, joking etc. Oh I miss you now, can't wait to see you. Spending time together and being together is priceless, the feeling I could never express, no matter how much I try....

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August 7, 2010

I want to write about something but don't know what is in my mind.

Well its Saturday afternoon, sunny and hot outside and my Passat is sitting in the heat for the first time after a very long time. Poor Passat, its garage is under construction. Off and on, I look at the say, my Passat must be feeling so hot right now haha...sounds so crazy.

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August 6, 2010

One Friday morning, that started with argument.

This entry is written out of frustration, as you all readers will notice.

Its a Friday morning and guess how my day started, with an argument, I know I shouldn't have said what I said but it made sense a bit why I said what I said.

Anyhow, here is what I want to write. We all are humans and we all know we are not perfect,. We all have some problem, imperfection, some are selfish, some are too good, and some never see their fault. I am writing about the kind who never see their fault. Why? People do things for each other, friends, family because they care, but when you are mad and/or in the future, you cant' tell someone this is what they did for you.

If the person has requested begged, that make sense, but still blaming is something I will not agree. When you do something for someone, you have a choice whether to do it or not. You decide to do, for which you definitely can't blame the other person for years, saying this is what I did for you.

My point is, you have a choice whether to do or not, if you don't want to, you can always say 'NO', if you can't say no, you cant blame the other person either, period. But no matter how smart,wise, educated the person is, if the habit is to blame, that will never go away. Every,one of us, need to learn to admit own fault. That's a must, but when you find people who can't that just gets really hard. And they also do not want you to clarify what you are trying to say, because they do not wan tot listen but just say what they think is right, which is so wrong.

Please feel free to leave comment whether you agree or disagree. I am sure at some point, each of us, has run into this and we think, why is he/she, the way he/she is.

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August 2, 2010

The best part about today is, we met on August 2nd last year which marks '1 year' in the Calender.

The other best I am happy excited for us.I look forward to many more years ahead of us together being happy, spending time together, traveling, discussing stuff, joking, arguing etc etc. The other best part about today is my Case is approved.


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August 1, 2010

The same old back pain is back again this weekend caused by sleep deprivation.

It has never really left me, but this weekend is a different story. After the dream couple of day before, I haven't been able to sleep well. And the past two days, I have been awake in the middle of the night. Last night, it was crazy. I woke up at 1.33am, and that was it. I tried tried and tried, so finally I came to watch some tv. Thought was feeling asleep and went to bed, no I was wrong.

So, then came back to the watch TV, then I thought to call my brother. It was 5am, when I went to bed, slept fine till 7.10am, and now my whole back hurts, I feel tired too.

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