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One Friday morning, that started with argument.

This entry is written out of frustration, as you all readers will notice.

Its a Friday morning and guess how my day started, with an argument, I know I shouldn't have said what I said but it made sense a bit why I said what I said.

Anyhow, here is what I want to write. We all are humans and we all know we are not perfect,. We all have some problem, imperfection, some are selfish, some are too good, and some never see their fault. I am writing about the kind who never see their fault. Why? People do things for each other, friends, family because they care, but when you are mad and/or in the future, you cant' tell someone this is what they did for you.

If the person has requested begged, that make sense, but still blaming is something I will not agree. When you do something for someone, you have a choice whether to do it or not. You decide to do, for which you definitely can't blame the other person for years, saying this is what I did for you.

My point is, you have a choice whether to do or not, if you don't want to, you can always say 'NO', if you can't say no, you cant blame the other person either, period. But no matter how smart,wise, educated the person is, if the habit is to blame, that will never go away. Every,one of us, need to learn to admit own fault. That's a must, but when you find people who can't that just gets really hard. And they also do not want you to clarify what you are trying to say, because they do not wan tot listen but just say what they think is right, which is so wrong.

Please feel free to leave comment whether you agree or disagree. I am sure at some point, each of us, has run into this and we think, why is he/she, the way he/she is.


I do definitely agree that people need to admit their faults. I have friends that don't, and when they can't admit it when they did something wrong, it's almost like theyre insulting their own intelligence. Can't stand it.

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