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Past weekend, I knew it was going to be great but was greater than I expected it would be.

Of course, there were things in my mind sometimes but we had a great weekend together. It was the most productive weekend ever together. However, I still have things to do though which I need to do this week. I am busy tomorrow night and Wednesday night as well so I have Thursday evening to finish my works. Friday night again I will be busy but Saturday I might be free all day so I have to finish doing my stuff.

Well, getting back to the point, the reason I started this entry is to write about my weekend, which was romantic, sweet, productive and many more.

I was excited about the weekend but had I known how it was going to be, may be I would've been more excited. But good I didn't know or say we didn't know. We both think it was the most productive weekend which needed to be marked in the calendar.

One of the best weekends we spent together. Hopefully we will have many more like this in the future. Friday evening Salsa, dinner and after wards again out. Saturday, early morning biking, shopping for sofa, lunch, looking for shoes in DSW, shopping in mall in different stores after wards so tired and sitting at home and cooking dinner. Having Martini Rossi with Toosi alu achaar, paapadi wo dalmot while watching TV, we will remember forever.

Sunday morning breakfast at Farmers market, grocery shopping, then shopping for light fixtures in Menards, going from one point to another in city looking for the one we liked. After walking for while, heals were hurting, however having lunch at home after that was priceless, Of course, you got your stuff done, I felt good about it. I had pleasure watching you finish your work. But I was thinking, I wish I could do my work too but oh well.

Sunday evening, at my place, you were busy putting up those light fixtures, with your hands and back aching, and me cooking dinner. Of course, lying down for a little bit, joking around, after dinner had a different relaxing feeling, once again priceless moments spent together.

And thinking entire weekend we spent together, feels good. We got so much stuff done. And I am very happy to see you happy.

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