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Weekend weekend weekend, one more good weekend with you.

These days, every week, I find myself waiting for the weekend to come. Not because its a weekend and I have two days off but its because you don't have classes and I get to be with you.

This weekend however was special, because your finals were going to be over and we have couples of weeks before classes start and enjoy the summer together more. So, Saturday came, I was waiting for you to come pick me up. It was fun to have lunch together, its not the first time but you were so tired and hungry, seeing you relax after lunch was just priceless. You take my breath away.

It was fun looking for sofa, finally I like one and no color, that was bad. And of course today was a nice day. Grocery shopping in farmers market, making Wo, and eating Bhoye. Spending time together, talking, laughing, joking etc. Oh I miss you now, can't wait to see you. Spending time together and being together is priceless, the feeling I could never express, no matter how much I try....

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