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Feeling after running 2 miles and walking 1.5 miles in treadmill, feeling after is priceless.

Below my right knee on the right side, its been hurting, to be precise it the muscle. I am not sure why its hurting but all I know is, I feel pain. I have not been running due to that. The pain is not that bad, but yesterday after sitting at work, the way it hurt, made me walk like I have a problem with my leg or something.

Today I still feel the pain, but I had to run. I couldn't let pain like that stop me. So,I ran straight for 2 miles, 4.5 miles per hour with incline 3. I wanted to run at least 3 miles straight but I couldn't. Instead after 27-28 minutes of run, I started walking 3.5miles per hour. So, spending 60 minutes in treadmill felt good.

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