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Last week, I bought the running shoes from DSW, a Nike one, haven't run since then to try it out yet.

I have been biking and doing all stuff instead. Recently, one of my shoes' heel fell off and another I had to throw. So, I was in need of shoes badly. I was looking for shoes that I can wear everyday.Finally after looking at so many stores, I found two pair of shoes.

Yesterday after work, I did some shopping for grocery and after wards for shoes, jewelry and shirt. All good buys, I am happy. I wish I found a pair of shoes other than what I found but I won't complain since I am satisfied with those purchase. Not planning to do shopping anytime soon, hopefully that will work. However, I might buy a pair of sandal but that's it. Once its winter, will need to buy some winter clothes, but that's not certain either. Btw, I have uploaded the pictures of my New shoes...


Here's another one....


Yea, I agree with you on that one lol

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