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Regardless of how much school work you have,you let me wait for you,I feel good.

Momo was good last night with some Beringer.This morning's Catfish curry was good too,it was tasty,not because I made it,but because I got to eat sitting right next to you,looking at you face to face.Enjoying that view,looking at that charming precious face.

Whether I have to wait reading paper,cooking,cleaning whatever,while you do your school work,I like waiting for you.The best part about that wait is,I know eventually in few hours,when you are done with your work,I get to sit right next to you,look at you,talk,joke and have dinner/lunch with you together.

And today,after lunch,while reading paper,your were fell asleep on my lap. The best part about it was,I could see you and feel you fall asleep,felt so good,and while moving my hand on your head,I myself fell asleep. That was a great relief,I can't explain.You slept an hour,it felt good because you got some good sleep.Here is the line I want to write, I 'Love the way you sleep on my lap.'


The author deserves for the monument:D

Yeah, it is clear now !... From the very beginning I did not understand where was the connection with the title !!...

I must admit, the webmaster is a cool guy..!

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