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Twins vs Kansas City Royals last night...

Yesterday wasn't my day, things were not working right. It wasn't that bad, but after lunch, somehow I got cold. I couldn't figure out how. The later it got, I started sneezing more and more, cold started hitting me. And I had the Twins game to go with him. I at one point thought, I wish the game would get canceled since its raining and cold. But it stopped raining and day got little better in the later part of the afternoon.

Before the game, we went to a restaurant where we had one of the worst food haha. We both were like, now we know why this restaurant is empty.

We made it to the game, it wasn't an exciting game, since Kansas City Royals kept getting strike out, after strike out. They couldn't score with Twins. But it was fun to watch Twins win. As always spending time with you, brought smile on my face. And of course, after the game was nice, watching Family Guy and Seinfeld. Somehow has become a routine watching those together with you.


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