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EAS conference October 2010

Monday October 4th, 2010
This is my fourth EAS conference and the first time on the first day, stayed for dinner and Casino night. I was excited to be able to hang out there. I guess apart from not being in school this year, I also drove myself, which made things much easier and flexible. I didn't have to leave or arrive when the other person wanted to, so I was happy.

I reached in Sheraton at around 8.30am on Monday, it was perfect timing after all that traffic on 394 and 100. The morning session went alright, then lunch. Oh the best part about lunch was, they had enough food for me. There I was thinking, its going to be another lunch, where I might have to eat Salad or something stupid. Dinner menu was Caesar salad, Penne Pasta with roasted Red pepper and mushroom, Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta with Chicken. The Penne Pasta was so tasty and yummy looking. I didn't bother to look at the dessert however.

I thought the lunch was good, dinner wasn't bad either. Dinner menu was Seafood pasta salad with Shrimp and crab, some green salad, creamy mushroom soup, creamy potato soup. Dessert was some chocolate things, I didn't bother to go have, but Jill offered me one and I ate a chocolate from her plate. After wards Casino night, 'Lets ..Poker' was fun too.

Tuesday October 5th, 2010

I worked till 3pm and headed to Sheraton to attend the 4pm session. I reached early so attended the 'two way' session. It was alright, then was the CBC session. After wards, Joan and myself went to the bar, talked and hung out with Cybectec EAS people. It was fun talking, drinking, hanging out. Afterward was dinner, Joan and myself stayed on the same table and talked for a bit too. The dinner for me wasn't the great but I had some green salad, with Pasta salad and had some baked/roasted type potatoes. It wasn't bad and the had the carrot cake/pie something. It was good though.

At around 7pm, we both got out from the hotel and headed home. Around 7.30pm, I reached home and I was so super tired, so ready to go to bed. I finally made it to bed around 9pm, after talking to mom dad. I think this is the best EAS Conference for me. Mainly, because I drove myself and it was flexible, I got to leave whenever I wanted, hang out with whoever I wanted to.

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