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I am as Sri Lankan as you are, hehe...

As I thinking about something, I felt like writing about this topic. I have spent almost all my time in MN with my Sinhalese friends. I had forgotten that I am not a Sri Lankan. I had started to feel awkward, hanging out with my own people. Its a fact, I don't mind being called Sri Lankan however. I like hanging out with the SL friends. I don't totally understand their language but I understand enough and can speak to some point. And since they speak enough English so makes it easier when I don't understand. However, I don't mind them speaking in Sinhalese all the time, because I am so used to of it. But, the past few months, things have changed, at times I do miss hanging with them.

Never thought I would be writing something like this, but I am. And here is one of the lines I say, "I am as Sri Lankan as you are". No blood relatives in Sri Lanka, but I feel like I am a Sri Lankan when I hang out with them.

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