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First of all what a day today, 10/10/10. Like everyweek, I look forward to a weekend because of a specific reason.

Not because there is no work for the next two days, because I get to spend time with you, which gives me certain kind of relaxation and comfort, the type of relaxation and comfort, I can never have too much.

This past Friday and Saturday, I didn't get to see you, thought the week is going to be long. I was a bit sad and a bit angry too. But, today Sunday, when the phone rang and it was you, I was happy. We had dinner together, and you know.

The best part about weekend for me, is to see you, spend time with you, talking, reading paper, watching tv, cooking, going here and there. And when I don't get to do that, weekend doesn't feel like, its worth it. You have to be me to feel it though. But, after I saw you this evening, everything disappeared and I felt happy. You are sitting 2 feet away from me, watching TV, I am enjoying looking at you and writing this entry.

Finally one whole week of wait is over, a week which felt like forever. However, the last two days of the week was pretty hectic, which is why the week felt even longer than usual.

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