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Since the begining of last week, I have been feeling as if I was getting sick.

Monday October 18th, 2010
Entire week, I had something hurting, or not getting good sleep. Finally the was finally over. Friday night I had few friends over, it was fun. I felt okay Saturday all day and Sunday. Sunday evening, I went to Rainbow foods again to get some fish, that's when I felt like I was getting cold.

Over the night, I was okay and then it was Monday morning and time to go to work. As the morning progressed, I started feeling like getting cold, my eyes didn't want to stay open anymore. By10am, my eyes looked like I was sick with bad cold. My head started feeling heavy. So, I decided to come home.

After eating some food, I slept for the next 3 straight hours. I don't ever remember sleeping when I get sick but yesterday definitely was different. Around 3pm, went to Lutherside VW to have them take a look my car, as it was making after the tire rotation. The service manager drove the car, after hearing the noise, he told its due to tires being in the back for a long time.

The noise either will go away or might stay, but nothing to worry. It can't be the ' ', ugh I can't remember what he said now. But he did say, if the noise gets worse, bring it in, otherwise don't worry. I came home, ate something and lied down, watched a little tv and went to bed at 8pm.

Tuesday October 19th, 2010
Thought staying home, sleeping and resting would make me feel better today. But I was wrong, at 6.30am, when I woke up, I was feeling worse then yesterday. I had coughed during the night and I could feel the pain in my ribs, I didn't think I could go to work so wrote 'out sick' email.

This would be the first time I have ever taken sick leave two days in a row. I don't feel good still, hopefully will be able to get to work tomorrow. Left side nostril feels like little burning, eyes want sleep but can't fall asleep, feels like getting headache too. And now I am hungry and I don't know what to eat.

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