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Studying but mind got diverted somehow...

I think I have reached to the point in my life, I feel isolated these days. I spent almost a decade hanging out with friends from different country which now seem to have negative affect. I do not however regret hanging out with those friends. On top of that, I tend to have very very minimal female friends.That adds up to negative affect thing I just mentioned above. We hung out, we celebrated different festivals, cooked, hung out and it was fun.

But, I right now, things have changed and every one but me is isolated. Its kinda like I have been boycott from the group, not because I did anything wrong, but things just have changed. I feel sad when realize what has happened. And then there is one, who does not want to.........

Why are some people so reserved? Definitely makes you think, makes you feel/realize that no matter how close you are, you are going to be still far apart because of the reserve quality.

And sometimes I think, what would I do or have done, if I didn't have my blog, there are times, I can't express the thoughts,feelings and that's when my blog helps. I don't know who reads it, but I write my mind out, because this is where I express my feelings without speaking the words but by using those very words and publish it by clicking on 'Save' button.


Thanks for an individual's honest opinions, which strike me to be quite rare in the Blogosphere, we are a fan.

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