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A week long work week where I can't seem to figure out, and I am mentally tired after everything.

This week has been pretty stressful due to configuration issues. I finally figured out the problem on Tuesday but on Wednesday found out, it has broken something else. So, I started troubleshooting. As I walk in Thursday morning, I was told what I had fixed is not working anymore. And early morning, I had to listen to two different frustrated people.

I spent the entire day, troubleshoot the issue, if one thing works another would break. After spending the entire day, my mind had stopped working.

And today, being Friday, I am happy because now I can go home and relax a bit. Of course there are different things running in my mind, but at least I don't have to fix the issues I had been having with the new 64-bit VMs.

Its 4.19pm, I am writing this entry at work and I am so ready to head home, I want to do something but with you. It seems like you are busy with work too. Hopefully tomorrow, but I know I will watch the movie, relax and enjoy alone. And also will wish, you are here with me.

To be continued...

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