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A week of wait, finally paid off, happy after all.

I had a really stressful week at work, troubleshooting and trying to fix stuff. Fixed one stuff and broke another stuff, it was pretty crazy kinda. On top of that, us both busy with work, plus you were busy with school work also. All I wanted was to see you and be next to you, but I know it was not possible. I decided to wish anyway.

Saturday evening when you came here, it felt good. It was sweet of you to cook dinner for me, while I was trying to play songs. It felt good, seeing you, being by your side led me forget how stressful my week was.

After over two weeks we spent so many hours together, which is why my week is going to be great. And knowing this week is only 3 days work week, I feel good, and looking forward to see you Thursday and hopefully Friday too. Nothing makes me happy than being with you.

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