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Continuation of 'Journey of interviewing with Microsoft'

So, finally end of last week, I got an email confirmation about my interview for Tuesday November 2nd,2010. I knew what to expect but I was a bit worried. On top of that it wasn't the best drive to reach U but I made it. As soon as I drove off and took 394, the GPS fell off. I had a little bit of challenge on the road but I made it.

Soon, it was 3pm and myself and another female candidate were waiting to be interviewed. She went in and it was my turn. I hadn't prepared much but I was comfortable talking about what I do, why I do and experience etc. But,when he asked me to write the code, I had the logic, but writing in paper, it didn't click. He helped me but I felt embarrassed. The interview was over by 4pm and now will see what will happen. It all depends upon my luck, whether I will be called for second round of interview. Whichever way, I am glad I got an interview with Microsoft, its a good experience since not everyone gets to get interviewed by Microsoft.

Basically, with all the challenges I made it to the interview and came back home safely too. However, after the interview not being able to find my car in the lot was definitely stressful. But, again, like I mentioned above, I made it through.

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