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As I was waiting in O'hare International airport for my flight to Bahrain..

Past couple of days, unexpected things happened, things that I thought would never happen to me, happened And with everything I am here now, writing about it. I miss you right now, and I know I will miss you even more but you know the best part is, I had great time together the past few days. Everything we did made it so special. I am so happy that we did so much things together.

I know your ears will feel a bit relief, since you wont have to hear me complain. But the truth is, whether you say it or not, admit it or not, you are going to miss me and wish, I am there with you. The small small jokes, drinks, dinner, breakfast everything was special, made me feel I want you even more and more. The time we spent always makes me feel a different type of relaxation and relief to my heart.

Now, I will have to wait until Feb to see you, touch you. Wherever I am, you will be in my mind and heart.

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