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A good birthday dinner with someone special and the second big snow storm in the cities.

Wine, Shrimp Lomein, was a good dinner. It was a good evening after all. On top of that, a little surprise dessert substitute for a 'Cake', made it special.

We had the second big storm starting Friday night till Saturday evening in the cities. Entire night, every couple of hours, checked the snow outside but Saturday morning. When I looked out on Saturday morning, it was unbelievable, blowing snow, everything was white. It had been showing for over 12 hours.

It was frustrating to see so many empty spots in the garage and yet that woman had said, there is not a single spot open. Stupid stupid stupid. So, around 1:30pm, we were shoveling with our hands to take out the Mercedes from that piled up snow. Luckily, its a 4WD, and got out in one shot.

I think this is one of the boring entries I have written, nothing interesting.

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