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Its Friday today, I am excited for the evening.

You would be thinking why so? I know I know, its a Friday, end of the work week, but I am excited for another reason. Its my birthday, and he is going to cook dinner for me along with a surprise. And we both get to cook together, fun.After waiting for almost a whole week, we are going to spend the evening together. Its 7pm, and almost 2 hours ago,you are still not here. When are you coming?

After waiting for 2 hours, a text message came 'on my way'. Then in the next 15-20 minutes, I got a call 'khaapa chayeka wa', hehe...It was super cold outside, and you were coming in with paper bags with food to cook tonight. I was curious to find out what you were thinking to cook tonight. Now I have to stop it here and spend the rest of the Friday with you. Logging off for today.


Yay for Friday

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