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A Saturday night out to Mystic Lake Casino

Stood in line for 3 hours to have buffet. If we didn't talk during that three hours wait, it would have felt like forever, we would never have made it. Slowly friends started to show up after 7pm. Three of us were in line at 6pm, by the time it was 2 hours, we were 10 people standing. After all, it was worth it. It took my mind from thinking about nonsense, the very important nonsense though.I am glad I went out and was able to feel the way I feel. I feel like myself again.

It was my first time and I definitely want to go there again to play. Now that I know how those machine works.
http://www.mysticlake.com/gaming/slots After having dinner, we were roaming around. And later while roaming around, three of us ladies, got lost in that Casino. We couldn't figure out where we needed to be. Every single spot and machine looked same. Two of us were high heel boots, and feet were hurting and we were still actively searching for my fren's husband and boyfriend.

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