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How a little something can help you feel? May be thats why its called l...

I hardly got any sleep last night, but yet I feel good. I want to work, want to go for grocery and also have started to think about working out. The reason is simple, you called me. I yelled at you a little too for not calling and writing me for days, made me feel better.

Now I have started to feel little normal, yet I miss you and it doesn't feel the same without you. I am waiting and counting days for you to be back. I hope things will go smooth for you, and you will come back soon. I can't wait to see you. Hopefully I get to talk to you tonight also, that would feel definitely better.

And I just realized last year, on today's date, you flew to NC. That was one tough week. We both were looking forward to that Sunday January 31st,but unfortunately weather didn't help us and you got stuck in the snow storm. But it was nice you somehow made it on the night flight and I got to see you the next day.

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