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After dinner with some wine, I watched TV for a bit. I stayed up till 11.30 or then to bed.

This morning, I was staying in bed till late. My phone rang, when I saw the phone number, I knew it was you. I had been sad since you didn't call me after Tuesday, but after hearing your voice it all went away. Of course, I had to give you dialogue for not calling me but we had a good conversation, didn't we?

After talking to you, I got fresh, had breakfast and headed out to have the the check engine light look at. But, I was happy when the light went away after I started the car. Then I got the car wash and headed to Knollwood mall, did some shopping for my brother. And I bought the first pair of shoes for the year 2011.


This looks better in real than in picture, will upload the picture when I wear them. Now I am waiting for you to be back, 6 whole weeks..

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