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Today I realized,how not helpful Microsoft is.

I had my account hacked a month ago, which led me to file the report with MS.I provided a lot of information they needed. In two days, I noticed their reply on my thread, which didn't say what additional information was needed but just said 'we are unable to verify you as the owner of this account. I again provided them more information, but nothing happened for a month.

After my trip after a month, I filed another report,but to my surprise their response was again , not enough information.So, I again provided more, it doesn't help because they didn't tell what more information they needed or what was incorrect. You would think they would do.

Today, I saw another post to my thread, saying, this is the final reply and they have concluded the verification. I provided them all the information, but didn't happen.I have been using that account for over a decade and they can't validate my information. I felt really sad and realized how bad Microsoft service is.

Their post in that thread also said 'we recommend you create another account." Now after all this, why do they think, I would ever want to create another hotmail account with them, just seems ridiculous. I have so much memories attached to that email address. Below is what I saw in my thread, I am so disappointed at Microsoft service.

We have concluded our review of the information you provided. Our agents were unable to validate that you are the account owner. The information provided has been reviewed and our agents could not match this information to the account information currently stored for the account.

Our final recommendation is to create a new Windows Live ID account.

Windows Live ID Support


worst nightmare in my life using hotmail after 14 years!!!

I found out more than thousand hotmail user having the same issue recently...

Same here. I lost a decade's worth of information. I can't get into "MY" information all because some asshole tried to get into my account and guessed the wrong password too many times.

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