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The past 5 weeks have gone by and less than a week left but it feels longer.

These past five weeks, I have thought about you and us a lot. At times thinking about memories we made together, time we spent together, talking, joking, doing silly things. Monday is almost over and after 5 whole days, I will see you.

While I was at work today, I was thinking about you again. My phone rang around 11.30am and it was you. Oh it felt so good to hear your voice. And hearing what you said, made me happy and made my day.

The past five weeks have been crazy, I have missed you so much, at times I couldn't tell how I felt, how much I missed you etc etc.There is no better word to express it. But the best part is, I get to see you in the next few days. Some days, I count the remaining days as a kid, so many times a day, thinking may be the day will get less every day. Soon this distance will be over and will make more memories together.

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