February 27, 2011

Once again, a farewell but this time, for another friend.

Yesterday, around noon the meeting place was changed, new place was Gorkha Palace in Minneapolis. We started with about 10 people,by the time it ended, there were over 20 people. It was fun, we made many jokes, talked about different stuff. Definitely was the best part about the weekend.

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February 24, 2011

I felt bored today, and wanted to be outside doing nothing. Then I asked myself, 'Isn't it how I feel often these days?'

Umm...may be its true sometimes but again I don't know why. And again, my question remains unanswered why so? Well I didn't get a good sleep and I didn''t feel like doing much want today. I was thinking may be I should go shop after work. I was looking for a reason to go outside and get fresh cold air. But,again do what. Hoping will have something to pick up from the library but there wasn't any.

After work though, I came home, went to Gym and spin for 42 minutes while watching NBC news and Kare11 news. I could have done a whole hour but I didn't. I kinda was lazy but the 42 minutes were great.

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February 23, 2011

So much things in my mind today, but I don't know what to write about.

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"Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead"by Mathew Ingram.

I read this article in GigaOMTech today. As soon as I read it, I was like what. That made me think, is it true? May be it is, but what the article says might not be true completely. I know Facebook, Twitter are 'the' social networking sites at present. But, that doesn't mean everyone who writes blog posts their blog URL in these sites. There are some people who enjoy writing entries in their blog. They put their thoughts in their blog, things that happen to their days, etc etc...

Personally I have had this blog over five years now, I have it because I like to write stuff. Sometimes I go back, look at my old entries, read them and which makes me laugh about what I have written, what I must have been thinking that moment when I was writing those entries. Sometimes I read my own entries and think Wow is that what I was thinking. And sometimes I get interesting comments and makes me smile. And some comments makes me want to write more in my blog.

Alright I am running out of thoughts so I better stop it here.

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February 22, 2011

I was going through some pictures and made me think about those days.

I admit, I miss hanging out with my friend, who once used to my best friend. We fought so much, did so much things together. But today things have changed and can remember those days by looking at the pictures taken.

Never thought this is what will happen to that friendship and I will be thinking about that same friendship like this. Sadly so much things changed in the past year. Sometimes I wish things were not different but again this is life and this is what happens in life. We look back at those days, those pictures smile and move forward with whatever we have at present. Lastly I want to write, I miss hanging out with my once best friend.

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February 20, 2011

One pre-planned weekend turned out to be better than thought it would be.

Started with a little bit of scotch at home, some snacks after wards Sushi and Sake at Sushi Tango. And the night ended with nice movie at home. The next day,after breakfast, a short ride to the stupa, lunch/dinner and after wards another good movie. And again a little bit of scotch at night while watching tv. Sunday morning, a good late breakfast/late lunch, with 'honey'. And the conversation we had definitely made it better.

Regardless of all these good times, when ever I get a chance, I end up thinking about something, something that is so important, then I end up letting it go for a little bit. But, no matter how hard I try, it keeps coming back and I think about it. I wish, at times leaves me feeling sad, sometimes makes me feel, if something has to happen it will, no matter what. Its easy to say that but, it gets really hard to realize and convince self. Yet, I hope for the best and keep hoping soon good thing thing will happen.

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February 19, 2011

Sometimes I wonder is this what I want, is this a good decision, is this......

The thought keeps coming and going, sometimes ends up leaving me think more about it and at times answer less. I go over and over in my mind, end up with no answer too. Life is so unfair sometimes. Some people work so hard and yet they don't get what they are working for. And there are some, who don't do anything and they get everything they want. Its true, have seen this happen many many times. Its about your luck no matter what you say and do.

Well, again I keep wondering, will there be an end to this ever. Even if your life is over, one would still be wondering I guess or may be I am talking nonsense.

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February 17, 2011

Lately, I login to my blog and have nothing to write.

I am doing the same write now, nothing fun or interesting has happened. There is nothing to write, nothing to talk about. I get up, take shower, get ready, have my breakfast and head to work. After all day of work, I come home, go to gym, then eat something, stay in front of the computer.

This routine is not doing anything to me. Although its Friday tomorrow, I am hoping I can stay home and get some sleep and relax doing nothing. Oh I can't say doing nothing, because I have a list of things I need to take care.

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February 13, 2011

Sunday, February 6th last week and Sunday today. There is a huge difference on how I feel....

I was having Butterflies in my stomach because the weeks long wait was finally over. But, today just a thought makes me emotional. I have been trying to occupy myself with different things. It hasn't worked all the time.

So much needs to be said, but I get shut up with that quietness and those heartbreaking answers. In the mean time, during my down time, this song is helping me feel better. Its so not fair sometimes but Life is ...........


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I couldn't decide what I should buy for the little girl on her birthday.

I went to buy the gift in Toys R US, but unfortunately they were closed for renovation. Now, I didn't know where to go. I went to a different store anyway. I couldn't decide what to buy, I had a thing in my mind and after I didn't see it, I was all confused. After spending like an hour, I decided bought and came home. I wasn't feeling great but I was excited for the party.

So, at 5pm, I headed out and met up my friends. Then we car pooled together, it was fun being there. For a moment, I forgot I am alone and I am not feeling good. It was fun hanging out as always with friends and new people. We headed home around 11pm. By the time, we reached my friend's place it was almost midnight. And three of us ended up watching a movie till almost 1am. A little bit of drink with some popcorn and a movie at night, what could make it better. Movie was done around 1am and I headed home.

I was so tired after reaching home, I went straight to bed. I can't explain how tired I was and how good sleep I got.

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February 12, 2011

Nokia Partners With Microsoft, what does this mean?

Does this mean, Nokia will no longer be Nokia? Will this name going to disappear. I guess the question remains who is going to help who?

To be continued....

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February 1, 2011

I really wanted to talk to you tonight.

I was waiting for your call too instead decided to call you. And there you said, I am outside, will call you later. I heard your voice so should satisfy myself with that.

As for this morning, I was in the training, I couldn't pick up your call this morning. Had it been 8 minutes later, I would have picked up the call. And would have talked to you at least for few minutes and made your night and my day.

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