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"Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead"by Mathew Ingram.

I read this article in GigaOMTech today. As soon as I read it, I was like what. That made me think, is it true? May be it is, but what the article says might not be true completely. I know Facebook, Twitter are 'the' social networking sites at present. But, that doesn't mean everyone who writes blog posts their blog URL in these sites. There are some people who enjoy writing entries in their blog. They put their thoughts in their blog, things that happen to their days, etc etc...

Personally I have had this blog over five years now, I have it because I like to write stuff. Sometimes I go back, look at my old entries, read them and which makes me laugh about what I have written, what I must have been thinking that moment when I was writing those entries. Sometimes I read my own entries and think Wow is that what I was thinking. And sometimes I get interesting comments and makes me smile. And some comments makes me want to write more in my blog.

Alright I am running out of thoughts so I better stop it here.

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