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I couldn't decide what I should buy for the little girl on her birthday.

I went to buy the gift in Toys R US, but unfortunately they were closed for renovation. Now, I didn't know where to go. I went to a different store anyway. I couldn't decide what to buy, I had a thing in my mind and after I didn't see it, I was all confused. After spending like an hour, I decided bought and came home. I wasn't feeling great but I was excited for the party.

So, at 5pm, I headed out and met up my friends. Then we car pooled together, it was fun being there. For a moment, I forgot I am alone and I am not feeling good. It was fun hanging out as always with friends and new people. We headed home around 11pm. By the time, we reached my friend's place it was almost midnight. And three of us ended up watching a movie till almost 1am. A little bit of drink with some popcorn and a movie at night, what could make it better. Movie was done around 1am and I headed home.

I was so tired after reaching home, I went straight to bed. I can't explain how tired I was and how good sleep I got.

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