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One pre-planned weekend turned out to be better than thought it would be.

Started with a little bit of scotch at home, some snacks after wards Sushi and Sake at Sushi Tango. And the night ended with nice movie at home. The next day,after breakfast, a short ride to the stupa, lunch/dinner and after wards another good movie. And again a little bit of scotch at night while watching tv. Sunday morning, a good late breakfast/late lunch, with 'honey'. And the conversation we had definitely made it better.

Regardless of all these good times, when ever I get a chance, I end up thinking about something, something that is so important, then I end up letting it go for a little bit. But, no matter how hard I try, it keeps coming back and I think about it. I wish, at times leaves me feeling sad, sometimes makes me feel, if something has to happen it will, no matter what. Its easy to say that but, it gets really hard to realize and convince self. Yet, I hope for the best and keep hoping soon good thing thing will happen.

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