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Sometimes I wonder is this what I want, is this a good decision, is this......

The thought keeps coming and going, sometimes ends up leaving me think more about it and at times answer less. I go over and over in my mind, end up with no answer too. Life is so unfair sometimes. Some people work so hard and yet they don't get what they are working for. And there are some, who don't do anything and they get everything they want. Its true, have seen this happen many many times. Its about your luck no matter what you say and do.

Well, again I keep wondering, will there be an end to this ever. Even if your life is over, one would still be wondering I guess or may be I am talking nonsense.


the best way to forget a past erxepience is to actually confront the issues which resulted from that erxepiencepersonally i think hypnotism is a load of garbage aimed at robbing desperate people of their money (no offence)there's better ways in dealing with these issues, for example; a counsellor, someone you can trust and confide in to tell your problems to, facing your fears etcgood luck =]

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